11 May, 2011

Hadhramaut: must read articles.......

With the vast and the variety of  information on the Net, it can be very difficult getting that interesting and absorbing information on any subject. On Hadhramout, there is plenty of information on the Web, most of which are rather boring or are shallow.
Anyone interested in Hadhramaut, will find these few articles absorbing and informative:

Saudi Aramco World, a bimonthly magazine, has some of the most informative articles on Hadhramawt and the Arabian Peninsular; on their site, read this  very absorbing article on Shibam in their May/June 1986 issue; and this fascinating post on the amzing bees and honey of the Hadhramout.  More articles related to Hahramaut on their site are here and here.
Of all the sites on the Web, I believe that no other site gives as well-researched, in-depth and extensive information as Al Bab. Read this and you will understand what I mean; on their site too, there is more on Hadhramout here.