11 March, 2011

Green: Sustainable Green Mosque, Wisconsin

Have you heard of the Sustainable Green Mosque being planned in the US? It is the winning entry of an 'ideas' competition for religious buildings; it is set to be built in Wisconsin. The Green Mosque complex, if it gets to be built, will house a wide variety of facilities and adhere to environmentally friendly operations beyond its construction, like energy and water efficiency.

Very unfortunately and sadly, heated confrontations have continued to break out in communities across the US where mosques are proposed. Even if the Wisconsin mosque project is not fulfilled, such eco and environmentally friendly religious centers and social gathering places should not only be promoted; but, should be the norm. Protecting our Planet should be the responsibility of each of us: Muslim or not. No matter what schisms or phobias we have, whether we like it or not: we all belong to Earth. One Earth. Only one. We have to overlook and overcome our differences and protect Earth together.