24 February, 2011

Green: the Bahrain World Trade Center

Built in 2008, the fifty story Bahrain World Trade Center is one of a kind. Two-hundred-fifty meters high, they boast a most unique feature: they have three giant wind turbines tying the two sail shaped buildings together - which supply about fifteen percent of the electricity for the two buildings. The center has an intelligent and environmentally responsive design; buffer spaces have been incorporated between the external environment and air-conditioned spaces to reduce solar gain on the building . The building too, is a pioneering stride for environmental architecture - it is the first building in the world to incorporate large scale integrated wind turbines.

Due to its ingenuous and extraordinary design, the BWTC  has received worldwide acclaim; and has won several awards for its ground breaking and advanced design and technology, including: the LEAF Awards 2006 for ‘Best Use of Technology within a Large Scheme’, the Arab Construction World ‘Sustainable Design Award', the prestigious 2009 Nova Award in Innovation and the prestigious 2010 'Best Use of Lighting - Exterior' Palme Award for its innovative architectural lighting design illuminating the exterior of the structure. The trade center will certainly continue to win more awards. And many who visit Manama will continue to goggle at it in awe.

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