20 December, 2010

Socotra: the world’s best secret Island

Is Socotra the world’s best Island to go to? Is it the world's best secret island? SIX seasons of Lost have probably taken some of the gloss off the Robinson Crusoe experience. But if you're still craving that deserted island experience...........well, Soqotra is the place to go to.

The Island tops Lonely Planet's list of the best island's to visit:
You just have to be intrigued by a destination that describes itself as ‘the most alien-looking place on earth’. Ripped from the coast of Gondwanaland by plate tectonics, the four desert islands that form the Socotra group are a treasure-house of biodiversity, with thousands of plant and animal species found nowhere else on earth. Topping the weird list are the barrel-trunked cucumber tree and the dragon’s blood tree, which oozes blood-red sap. Despite being closer to Africa than the Arabian Peninsula, Socotra is administered by Yemen, which keeps the islands off the tourist radar.
The same article has been republished in News Australia, BBC Travel and several other media sources. For some, Tahiti is the ultimate island destination; for some, it is Mauritius or any of these; and for some, it is Lamu or the Seychelles or Cape Breton Island or Malta. But out of all the islands out there, many believe that Soqotra is the best island to go to. Whatever might be said about the Island; whatever position it ranks in island travel destination lists; Socotra is without doubt: pristine, exotic, most amazing and least known.