27 December, 2010

Site of Note: Bin Gregory Productions

Out of the tens of millions of blogs out there, there are very few personal ones that are absorbing and interesting to read and spend time on. For each of us, we find most blogs boring; sometimes - very boring; especially personal ones. The ones with the many Is, mes and wes; these can be most uninteresting. But, for each of us, there are a few exceptions.

One of the very few personal websites that I find truly absorbing and interesting to read is: Zayn Al-Abideen bin Gregory's Bin Gregory Productions. Most of what bin Ggregory writes about, in his very simple and direct way - I find easy to relate to; maybe because he is a Muslim, a man who loves his family very much and seems very close to them. And then there is the backdrop for his writings: Malaysia, one of the most beautiful places on earth and which bin Gregory wonderfully presents in his photos. All these aside, bin Gregory's posts have, through the years, been - well written and consistent; and personal. Sometimes, his posts can be so personal that you get to feel that you indeed know him and his young family.

He says: as both of my regular readers are well aware, the major focus of this blog is whatever adorable thing my children happen to be up to at the moment. Nonetheless, I do try to intersperse that with other topics to keep things fresh, and so with that in mind I’d like to share with you this latest bit of news. And that's what he has very interestingly done: posting mostly about his family and spicing them up with his extraordinary good photos; with a few other topics, just as absorbing - put in, every now and then.