12 July, 2010

As the Dutch whine.........We say: ¡Que viva España!

As the Netherlands' coach Bert van Marwijk, his team and the Dutch keep on whining and trying to tell the world that - it is they who should have taken the World Cup home; Johan Cruyff, who featured in the Netherlands' first World Cup final in 1974 and is an icon of the Dutch 'Total Football' style - has slammed the Dutch for their approach to the World Cup final and said he had never believed the team could adopt such a "vulgar" style. The Dutch have never won the World Cup; on Sunday, unbelievably - they played one of the crudest forms of football one can ever imagine. The Spaniards, thankfully, did not retaliate in kind; instead, they continued displaying the same mastery and wizardry of football as they have done since the tournament began.

Never have I watched a World Cup team play with such superb artistry and organization as the Spaniards displayed in this tournament; each of their games, especially those between them, and: the Germans and the Dutch - were so wonderfully organized and executed, that it was pure magic to watch. Vicente del Bosque has won the highest respect and regards in football for having put together and trained the most well organized World Cup team the world has ever seen. Millions around the world celebrate with Spain.We all say: Que viva España!

Photo: ESPN