30 June, 2010

CNN is no longer 'connecting'

CNN continued what has become a precipitous decline in ratings not only in the USA, but internationally. There was a time that the channel to go to for news, was CNN - but, now, that has change.  No longer is Cable News Network that interesting and attractive to watch; no longer do most viewers turn to CNN for 'news'. It is losing viewers. And the other problem it now faces, is that - it now has too many competitors.

Through the years, CNN has gradually lost its knack for holding viewers attention. It has become boring and most of its presentations now, lack the zeal, originality and style that the channel had before. Most of its programs, including its news coverage, now are boring and hard to watch; a few, like 'Quest Means Business' and some on the environment, are still interesting. Then there is the way programs are presented - in a dull and uninteresting way. The channel, too, has lost its original simplicity and down-to-earth way that made viewers from many parts of the world easily connect to it; simplicity and down-to-earth way; that Al Jazeera now has.

For most Middle Eastern viewers, CNN is the least watched channel and due to its seemingly being biased and favoring Israel in most of its coverage, most here, in fact, hate the channel. Making it even more difficult for CNN, in recent years - the channel has had many competitors filling the air-waves internationally: the BBC, DW-TV, Euronews, France24 and most potent of all, internationally, especially in developing countries - Al Jazeera; these channels have siphoned away many of CNN's viewers. Unless CNN comes up with a new strategy and more interesting programs, it will continue losing viewers. Not only in its home country but worldwide.