22 May, 2010

Heavy rains predicted in Coastal Hadhramaut

Rain! Here, whenever we think of rain, most people's thoughts go back to the devastating downpours and floods of almost two years ago; and we get scared. Now, it is predicted that heavy rains will hit Mukalla and around it, today or tomorrow. Normally, with rain being very rare here - the coming of rains will be a cause for celebration and hopefulness. It would mean that  there would be good harvests in the fields and more to eat; it would mean more, much needed water for the Bedouins and there herds of goats and camels. It would mean - good news. Instead, this prediction of heavy rains hasn't been pleasing to most:

Tropical Cyclone 02A has formed in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Somalia. This system could bring heavy flash flooding to Yemen by the weekend.

The storm has already lashed Socotra Island, Yemen, with torrential downpours and high winds.

If the storm continues on its predicted track, it should impact the coast of mainland Yemen, with the biggest impact occurring Saturday into Sunday. AccuWeather
For visitors here, be alert and take care - especially of floods; flash floods in particular. It's very easy to be swept away by floods; most people who lose their lives from floods, are those who are ignorant about what it can do here, or those who are reckless. It's most advisable to listen to what elderly locals say; they know best. Wherever one is, if the locals advise against traveling further or in a certain direction, it's best and safe to listen. Never cross any flooded road however still the water seems or safe it looks - unless many people are already crossing that road. Never park or stay long in a valley; try to keep on upper grounds. For more on the weather here, go to Al Jazeera or the BBC