17 April, 2010

"....walk on the earth in humility..."

Each moment we live; each moment of life we have here on Earth, is so short; so fleeting that could each of us know when his or her life will end, maybe, people; humans, can be and can act in a much better,  a more merciful, a more constructive and a more beneficial way. But, alas, we humans seem not truly conscious of the fleetingness of life and how short it is; and how temporary we are on this Earth.

We are so absorbed in our own, selfish daily, moment to moment being and doings, that we have very little time or respect for each other; or for our other fellow creatures here on Earth. In the process of achieving our own selfish ends, we have made Planet Earth a most difficult place to be and live in for millions of our fellow human beings and for the multitude of other creatures who inhabit it.

In Haiti: the disaster there is natural and not of human actions; but so much of the suffering that is now there, is caused by people. People who have no qualms in using the very unfortunate suffering and misery of millions of Haitians, to raise money, and then use steal that money and use it as if their own; people who have no scruples, that many are now trading Haitian children and women - selling and buying them as if they are commodities. And people, especially leaders, who are using the misfortune and wretchedness of Haitians to earn or advance their own fortunes or causes.

In the Great Lakes region of Africa: millions of people, especially women and children, are going through so much suffering that it is hard to believe or accept that we are humans with that so much suffering going on around us. Women, including children and adolescents,  are, almost daily, raped or maimed or slaughtered; millions are continuously on the run, in fear - with no place to call home; without proper shelter; without enough food; stalked, and with danger always not far off.

In South East Asia, millions of Burmese minorities are persecuted either in their own country - Myanmar, or in the countries they flee to. In Bangladesh, ethnic Rohingyan refugees from Myanmar - go through so much suffering and distress, that it is hard to believe that, when in Bangladesh, they are Muslims among fellow Muslims, escaping persecution from Myanmar. The detached and uncaring way that Bangladesh has for the Rohingyan people; and the way, the poor people are forced to live at the bottom of human society, is hard to believe or understand. 

And there is Gaza: a very small strip of land, crammed with hundreds of thousands of people; and yet repeatedly and ruthlessly pounded by Israel. Israel, which continues to mercilessly blockade and starve Gaza. Gaza, where to live is to do so in terror. Gaza, where to be is to not know whether you can access medical services should you need to; Gaza, where to be is not to have your children having normal, proper education. Gaza, where life is so wretched that water, food and electricity are craved for luxuries.

As for the many other organisms, animals and plants who dwell on this Earth, on land or in waters or in the air, we humans have shown very little concern for them. Without pity or remorse, we continue to misuse, dilapidate and destroy not only our own environment but that of millions of other living species. Many of these species are now endangered; and many, we have driven to extinction. We are told: 

"And the servants of (Allah) Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, "Peace!" Surah Al Furqan 25:63

We  are told to watch our footsteps; to watch what we do. We are warned and advised to be careful of our actions here on Earth. We are told to tread on this Earth, gently, with modesty and humility. But: do we heed or understand? Aren't most of us, indeed, 'the ignorant'?