01 April, 2010

Site of Note: Toot

Blogging started in America in the mid 1990s; but, though there are now many bloggers from the Arab world and bloggers are rapidly increasing in numbers, blogging is still some thing new here. Most Arabs do not even know what a blog is. One organization that has very much helped in strengthening Arab bloggers and making their voices heard more and to a much wider audience is: Toot. Toot is a blog directory built for anyone interested in blogs, videos, photos and news mainly from the Arab world and about Arab affairs.

As the team at Toot says: We spend the day plowing through a diverse list representing a sample of the most interesting blogs we found out there. Then, we share with you the most interesting ideas, posts, and conversations of the day, making sure that toot is sweet and colorful every time..... And that is exactly what they have been doing for the past few years: selecting and sharing the most interesting, handpicked blogs found in/on the Arab world with the World. For more on Toot, hear more from the amazing team behind it.