19 April, 2010

The Colors of Khor Al Mukalla

The best times to be around the Khor is immediately after dawn or before sunset. As the sun rises, the shades and colors in the water, on the buildings and mountains around the canal - continuously change. Just before sunset, the changes of the shades and colors are even more dramatic. And beautiful to watch.

At sunset, the colors on and in the water rapidly and continuously change.
The reflections in the water too, keep on changing their colors and the way they appear.
Depending on where you are along the canal, the display of colors and reflections are different but all wonderful.
The buildings and even the mountains on the side of the Khor, that might have looked dull during the day - with sunset, become golden and radiant.
The sun's reflections on the buildings which are in turn reflected in the water, changing so fast make such a spectacular, kaleidoscopic view that it is hard for one not to appreciate and enjoy the beauty.
When it comes to the sense of sight and vision, Khor Al Mukalla is all about colors; dominated by blue, brown and white.

It is amazing that most of the most pleasant and most soothing things in life are simple and for free: sunrises and sunsets being among these. Visually, the beauty and variety of colors displayed during these wee times are a sight to behold. For free. During these times, Earth seems to be at its most tranquil. And sights are at their most spectacular.