05 March, 2010

Google: now it is DocVerse

Google continues strengthening itself and getting even much better: it has just acquired  a company funded by Microsoft veterans - DocVerse. A company that makes plugin software that enables cloud-based collaboration in Microsoft Office applications Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • DocVerse enables you to use Excel, PowerPoint and Word *exactly* the same way you do today.
  • Groups can edit the same document at exactly the same time -- online or offline! DocVerse intelligently tracks and syncs the changes.
  • Every time you click “Save”, a version of the document is automatically added to the online version archive.
  • No need to open Word, Excel or PowerPoint to view and comment on documents.
Quoting from the Official Google Enterprise Blog - Google states: DocVerse is a small, nimble team of talented developers who share our vision, and they’ve enabled true collaboration right within Microsoft Office. With DocVerse, people can begin to experience some of the benefits of web-based collaboration using the traditional Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint desktop applications.