15 February, 2010

Sights from Wadi Musa, Jordan

Had it not been very close to Petra, the very small town of Wadi Musa or Wadi Mousa - Valley of Moses - would have remained just a little decrepit place. Most of the hotels, low budget ones and many five starred, are located in Wadi Musa. And it is where most tourists stay during there visit to Petra. When some of these hotels were being built, impressive ancient remains were found during their construction.
Wadi Musa, near Petra
 From Wadi Musa town town, the mountains beyond, look picturesque and mesmerizing.
Wadi Musa, near Petra
Wadi Musa is supposedly the place where Prophet Musa - Moses - lead the Israelite to the Promised Land; and it is where he struck the rock to bring forth water.
Wadi Musa, near Petra
There is a small building in the town with spring water and a rock - above - which claims to be the place where Moses went through; it has a dome - below.
Wadi Musa, near Petra
During winter, as Wadi Musa is over 1000 meters above sea level, it can get to be very cold; and some times snow falls. Interestingly, just a short distance down, below in the valleys and in Petra, it can get stiflingly hot.The Valley is also known for its priced fruits: apricots, peaches, nectarines and greengages, figs, pomegranates, grapes and olives; winter fodder crops, such as alfalfa - are grown too in the valleys, using an advanced irrigation system using treated waste-water. It can rain heavily here too; water from these rains floods the valleys below in and around Petra. The roads, at times, can be very foggy. As the town is the entrance to Petra and is always, especially during summer, full of tourists - Wadi Musa is one of the most expensive places in Jordan.

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