09 February, 2010

Google Buzzes

Mountain View always comes up with cool, interesting products. I don't like social net-working and am sort of averse to it. But whatever might be said about Google's newest creation: Google Buzz, it is undoubtedly Google's way of offering a comprehensive and unifying international means of communications.

As with all their other major releases, there was no fanfare or loud noises about this latest Google offering. It has been quietly and slowly released. Whoever has Gmail, automatically gets Google Buzz. I am certain, that most who are using Gmail had never heard of the new feature and have suddenly seen it popping up when opening their mail. Gmail users have the option of either using Buzz or not. Those who decide to use Buzz can share; or connect to other Twitter, Flickr and the likes; or simply use it to communicate and collaborate.

What is so good about Buzz, is that: once you have Gmail, you have Buzz and you don't have to set up another account to get it; unlike Twitter, it has no character limits; it enables you to either share publicly or be private; it works with many smart phones; and best of all, like most Google products, Buzz is so simple to use with very simple, intuitive but at the same time - very well thought of settings. Right on Google!