23 July, 2009

Site Of Note: Visiting Yemen

For any one visiting Yemen, especially tourists, the best site to go to on the Web is: the Ministry of Tourism site. It has extensive and the best information on the many tourist attractions and destinations. It has too, the most important advice and tips for visitors to the country.

"Any one who has ever been to or visited Yemen will say one thing about that: an unforgettable experience. Yemen is also unique, exotic and enchanting. Rolling, green, cool high mountains; fantastic valleys; pristine beaches and blue, pure seas; vast expanses of deserts - some mountainous and some flat filled with Mars like features; radically distinctive islands; and the friendliest people". I said that here over two years ago. That is a fact. Yemen is nothing if not authentic and the traditional lifestyle of its people still remains relatively untouched by the 20th century. For any tourist who demands the authentic and the most unique of places, Yemen will undoubtedly be one of the premier and best places to visit.