25 June, 2009

More fresh water discovered in Hadhramout

This is great news and a blessing.

A short distance from Al Mukalla, more underground fresh water has been discovered. Hadhramaut is known for its abundant underground fresh water; fresh water, that's very scarce in most Middle Eastern countries.

The water discovery has just been reported on the humanitarian agency IRIN news website:

"A water company in Hadhramaut Governorate, southern Yemen, has discovered an important new source of water near the provincial capital, Mukalla, after four months of exploration.

"Using modern machinery, we have discovered a huge underground drinking water resource in Al-Ghaliah on the outskirts of Mukalla," Awadh Al-Ganzal, head of the Local Corporation for Water Supply and Sanitation (LCWSS), told IRIN.

"Our preliminary assessments regarding the newly discovered field have shown that it will provide Mukalla with potable water for the next 50 years… Water quality is great."

"The field in Al-Ghaliah consists of nine wells, each able to produce 30 litres a second. It will definitely supply the city with drinking water for decades to come,” said Mahfood Obaid Bagwaigo, manager of the Mukalla Water Supply and Sanitation company.

“Engineers struck water in sandstone at a depth of 225-320 metres. They couldn't go beyond that because of the immense pressure of water in the reservoir," he added.">>>>> read more from IRIN

For more, read the paper delivered at a Vienna conference in 1996 suggesting that a “significant deep groundwater resource may exist” in the Hadhramout.