10 May, 2009

Ever heard of Dahabshiil?

It competes with some of the largest international money transfer companies in the world. Here in Yemen, it does more international money transfers than Western Union or any other international money transfer company. Its head quarters is in a most unlikely place: Hargeysa, the largest city in the northwestern Somaliland and the second largest urban area in Somalia after Mogadishu. Note: Somaliland is the former British Somaliland, and Hargeysa was its colonial capital from 1941 to 1960 when it joined with the Italian Somaliland to form the Republic of Somalia.

It's Dahabshiil. It says on its site: since its founding in 1970, it has developed innovative money transfer services that provide a lifeline to millions of Somalis. Quality of service is what differentiates Dahabshiil from its competitors. Dahabshiil is now recognised as the most reputable commercial enterprise in the area. Customers call it trustworthy, reliable, cost-effective and efficient. It's all that and more. Comparatively, it's much cheaper than its competitors - to transfer money from one country to another where Dahabshiil has offices or agents in. And it's a fact: they are fast and reliable.

Born from the ashes of Somalia's civil war, initially, Dahabshiil's main customers were Somali immigrants. But gradually, due to its cheap, fast and reliable service, it has won many customers and continues to grow rapidly; it has agents in Europe, North America, Australia, the Middle East and using the Internet and a state-of-the-art technology, it has become the fastest growing money transfer company in Eastern Africa and the Horn of Africa. I can not think of a cheaper, easier and faster way for transferring money from here to any where, where Dahabshiil has agents. Most of its customers are poor people who do not fall under the typical bank-client profile, but who still need fast and reliable services - and Dahabshiil provides that. The company is probably the largest company now in the break away Somaliland and is said to be the largest private employer both in Somaliland and Somalia.