07 December, 2008

The Sea, Yachts and Sunset

Last summer, several yachts, mainly from Europe, came visiting Al Mukalla. These are some of the photos I took one evening:

During summers, it can get very hot here. But the sea and the cool breeze from the South is relaxing and soothing.

As in most parts of Yemen, tourists who visit are welcomed with respect and courtesy. And without violent crime of any kind here, tourists feel safe even at nights.

With the sea waters, far yonder, now ruled by pirates, such tourists who come to visit by boats, will now find it hard to come through these waters.

Above and below, could be scenes from the Caribbean or some remote tropical island, but this is right here in the land of Natural Beauty and History.

For accommodation, tourists have a choice - from the expensive and luxurious hotels to the cheap, but still comfortable smaller ones. Food, if one takes the time to look around, is cheap and reasonably priced. Best of all, is seafood, which is right from the sea, fresh and of a large variety.