25 December, 2008

How To Bar Unsolicited Phone Calls

It's some times very relieving to have the option of barring unsolicited phone calls; cell phone calls in particular. Especially if one is a woman and living in Yemen. In Yemen, there are people - 'men' - whose sick minds seem to get much pleasure in anonymously phoning women or sending them text messages. Calls and text messages that most of which are lewd and crude; and can be very disturbing and disruptive to the woman. Even my seventy seven year old Mother is not spared; she some times receives such calls or text messages.

The best way I know, so far, of easily barring such calls is provided by some models of Nokia phones. In some of its phones, mainly the cheaper and less advanced models, Nokia provides the option of barring such calls. The models that I, so far, know that provide such a feature are: 1100, 1110, 1112, 1200, 1202, 1203, 1600, 1661, 2300, 2310, 2600, 5130, 5800 and 8800 Gold. To bar any number from any of these models, all you have to do, is: go to 'Contacts' menu - then find the feature 'No. Screening' and add any phone number you want for messages and calls from that number to be barred. And it will be done. You will never any more receive messages or calls from that particular number. The number will not even appear in 'Missed Calls' list. Any other Nokia model that has a 'No. Screening' option, will do the same.

For other Nokia phone models that provide the option of putting callers in 'groups' - one can create a 'group' and put phone numbers in that group, that one doesn't want to respond to calls from - and choose the 'ringing tone' of this group as 'silent'; or, for any phone that gives the option for one to specify the 'ringing tone' for phone numbers - one can too do the same: by making the 'ringing tone' for certain numbers as 'silent'. Note: with this - the choosing the 'silent' option will not stop the call from appearing on the 'Missed Calls' list.

It would have been most helpful if not only Nokia, but other cell phone producers, can provide the 'No. Screening' or some other phone call barring option, in most of their models. It could have been even more helpful and better, if those who consider themselves men, would be considerate and disciplined and never make unsolicited phone calls to any one. Especially to women.