03 November, 2008

Leadership that does Lead

Some times: a family, a community or a nation gets a great, wise leader who manages to steer and guide them to great heights. It could be a mother, which happens in many families, who brings up her children from poverty and suffering to fulfillment and knowledge; or a tribal leader - who leads his people from darkness and deprivation, to light and abundance; or a national leader - who leads his citizenry, from disorganization, gloom and hopelessness to rise and overcome and succeed. Such gifted, wise leaders are very few indeed. Blessed and very lucky is a family or a community or a nation - who get such a leader.

It's with this in mind, that not only I, but most people of the World - including leaders of most countries and most delegates to the United Nations - support Barack Obama. At these very trying and challenging times, not only for Americans but for most people of the Earth, Mr. Obama gives most people strength, encouragement and most of all - hope. He gives us strength in facing to the very difficult economic conditions that many of us are now going through or are most likely to go through soon; he gives us encouragement to work harder and all come together as members of one human race and citizens of one World; and he gives us hope, in believing that, we, Mankind can and will have a better future and better World.

Americans tomorrow will speak; will decide; will vote. They will vote, though most of them do not realize it, not only for who will lead Americans and decide their future for the next four years, but they will elect too, the person who will be the most powerfull elected official on Earth and whose decisions and whims will not only affect Americans in some way or the other, but too, that of millions of others around the World. Some might say: the American President is not all that powerful and that there is the Senate, Congress, cabinet etc. to check on what he decides and his actions, but look at how George W. Bush has had so much effect on most of the World's citizenry?

It's for Americans to decide who they want to lead them, and in a way - lead the rest of the World on: Peace, Climate Change, the World's economy and the many other pressing issues that we face. They might decide to elect John Mccain as the 44th occupant of the Oval Office; but, I and most of the World, and most Americans - if polls are right - would love and like to see Barack Obama as their next President; as we believe that he is the best and most suitable for now and the one most able to tackle the daunting tasks that America and the World face.

And by electing Obama, not only would Americans have made an incredibly, great, historic statement - no other country on Earth could have given such a person like Barack Obama, from a minority, with his kind of back ground and a 'Hussein' as his middle name - such an opportunity; more so, considering America's history. To elect him would be as great as the 1969 Apollo lunar landing; and it would too, reinforce America's position as the World's real and true leader; not only economically, militarily, technologically but- morally, too.