14 October, 2008

The Old Wonder of Sana'a

Like Shibam in Hadhramout, the old city of Sana'a - a UN heritage site, is a most captivating site. Not only is it the oldest UN preserved city in the Arab world, it's too - one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The Old City or Sana'a Al'Qadima as it's commonly called, dates back to years BC.

Most of the almost 7,000 houses and 100 mosques date to the Seventh and Eighth centuries BC.

It was once an Arab center for Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The Wonderland, is surrounded by ancient clay walls which stand six to nine meters high.

Most of the buildings are built of rammed clay and small pebbles, dark basalt stones and bricks.

Bab Al Yaman, the main entry into the Old City, is reportedly over 700 years old. Read more on Sana'a here, here and here.