01 October, 2008

As the Sun Sets.........

Ramadhan is gone. Life, in Al Mukalla will now return from nocturnal to diurnal. For the last thirty days, nights in Mukalla have been very busy and festive. People have been busy with prayers; and shopping. The streets have been crowded with people. But, now, after the Eid festivities, day time Mukalla life, will settle back to what it was before Ramadhan. And watching sunsets,before the maghreb prayers, will be a pass time I love and enjoy. A few photos that I took just before Ramadhan:

As the sun sets, Old Mukalla, at a distance, stretches like a necklace of rare, priceless jewels. And the dark waves of the blue sea, decorates the sight even more.

Fishing boats, small and large, all after fish. Which are plenty here.

The seagulls too, are fishing. Just before flying off to their nests. Seagulls: amazing creatures indeed.

A few, not in boats, prefer to try their luck fishing, by the sea, on rocks. Most, succeed.

As the sun sets deeper, the colors of the sea and mountains rapidly keep changing. A most exhilarating, enchanting and breathtaking sight. A compelling sight that makes one contemplate. About Time, Life and Being.

It's the power of the mystery of Life and the Power of God at work. A mystery and a power that commands the greatest respect and awe; and makes living and being so trivial and yet so wonderful. Sunsets. A time for contemplation.