07 September, 2008

Khor Al Mukalla by Night

Ramadhan is on. And it's the Khor, where many residents of Al'Mukalla - men, women, the elderly and children - prefer to come to in the evenings and at nights, and spend a quiet time after the iftar and the last taraweeh prayers of the day. Qat chewing, the very much cherished Yemeni pass time - is prohibited all along the Khor, all the time. The absence of qat chewers and the attention to cleanliness along the water canal, by the local municipal authority, has made both sides of the Khor -
the tidiest in Al'Mukalla.

Before the start of Ramadhan, it's common, very early in the morning after dawn, to find many women exercising, walking up and down along the Khor. Women around, have realized that being inactive and overweight, is a prerequisite to having physical and health problems - so many have benefited from exercising along the Khor. Men too do use the canal for walking exercises; but most prefer being in the restaurants, by the sides of the canal, in the evenings - taking tea or smoking shisha.

It's reported that during last July and the beginning of last month, about one million people visited Al'Mukalla from other parts of Yemen and from the neighboring countries - mainly to benefit from the surrounding sea water; it's believed that swimming or dipping in the cool sea just after sunrise, during that period - have medicinal and healing values. But many too came visiting Al'Mukalla, to spend evenings and nights along the beaches and, especially, by the Khor.