06 September, 2008

Change for America and Beyond

It is the first American presidential election that has a black, biracial American - Barack Obama - contending for the top seat; and if elected - John McCain, at 72, would be the oldest American ever to ascend to the presidency. It's the first time ever too, that candidates for both parties were born outside the Continental United States. And right now, of all American presidential elections - this one, has aroused much more interest across the World than never before, and is keenly followed and watched by millions around the World. Watched and followed by millions of people around the World, because what happens in the US - has repercussions in most parts of the Globe; and: around the World - people are very interested in Obama and are waiting to see if Americans can actually go the distance and elect some one with his kind of back ground, to lead them.

Both candidates claim they are fighting for 'change'. More so - Barack Obama, who most and best symbolizes it. If Obama is elected, that will be an enormous change in itself; some thing utterly unimaginable just a few months ago: an African American as the president of the US. If Obama fails in his bid for the White House - then, it would mean that Americans need some times still, for change; change that can make it possible for them to judge and accept a person, not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character and what he stands for.

Very hopefully, if change will 'come' and will be - it will not be only for America and its people, but will ripple beyond; beginning with those nearest to the United States of America. Hopefully, the economic embargo against Cuba will be lifted; contrary to what American leaders and politicians say, lifting the embargo on the Island nation and opening up to Cuba - will make it change faster, for the better; if America can have such a close relationship with far away communist China and give it such preferential treatment - why not Cuba, which is so near to it and its neighbor?

Then there is Haiti: one of the most noble things that the next American leader can do, is to help much more in bringing change to one of the poorest countries in the World - Haiti. Real change. Change that can improve Haiti's economy and uplift the living condition of its people; a people who have been so ravaged by its rulers and by natural disasters. A people who, to survive, have been forced through the years to cut most of their country's trees and turn the once lush and green country, in to an environmental disaster zone. It's shameful, incredible and a pity that - the richest and most powerful country in the World, has one of its very closest neighbors living in such miserable and pathetic conditions.

Hopefully: the next American leader will be able, by being unbiased and fair, to help the Palestinians and Israelis in reaching an agreement, and bring a lasting peace in the Middle East. Peace, that can free the people of Gaza from their present misery and desperation; peace that can make it possible for Palestinians and Israelis to live side by side without fear of each other. In peace.

Very hopefully too: if the next American leader is for real change, he will get America to ratify some very important International treaties that America has so far refused to approve. By joining other countries to establish mutually binding agreements, the US could seize the opportunity to demonstrate that it is truly committed to working with the international community to solve global problems. And make the World a better and more safer place than what it is now.