30 July, 2008

Catch Me If You Can.........

So much for the hype! In the last few days, we have been treated to intensive news and press coverage about the new Search Engine with the largest data base - Cuil - and how it would not only be a threat to Google, but that the new comer might actually unseat it. Cuil was released to the general public two days ago; I tried using Cuil last evening and I can say frankly that it's not what I expected; I wasn't satisfied with one single search result that was given.

I tried searching for: Hadhramout, Yemen, Socotra and Cuil. The results I got, were disappointing . Many have tried to take on the one and only Google, including other giants like Microsoft and Yahoo, but have failed. A few years ago, Clusty, the clustering search engine, looked very promising but it hasn't gone far; then there's Wikia, an engine that presents results in a unique, refreshing way - but it too, hasn't managed to sway people away from Google. Cuil states a mission of not wanting to invade privacy on searches; Ixquick is already doing that, and it's a faster and a much more intelligent search engine than what Cuil is at the moment.

It would be great and refreshing to have competition, real competition, to Google; not imaginary ones. Google is not only a smart, very well designed and very intelligent search engine; Google too, provides many other very exceptionally good services. Services that most of which, few have managed to match. Maybe with time, Cuil will improve and become a real competitor to Google; but considering what it is now, it's most likely intended for sale. Microsoft or Yahoo! might be interested? Interestingly, Yahoo! has its own Yuil in waiting.