30 March, 2008

'Fitna': the epitome of Islamophibia

Geert Wilders is either a complete fool who doesn't know or understand history; or is intentionally trying to twist and distort facts and reality to suit and serve his agenda and purposes. We don't have to go far in to history to know who has been the most cruel and bloody; and who has caused the most 'fitna'. Let's take just the last one hundred years.

It is hard to forget. We haven't forgotten how lands far and wide were stolen and how its native people were either completely exterminated or have been confined to reserves and made the lowest class: I don't think Wilders has forgotten how the present Americas, Australia and the many other states were created. Or how colonialism looted and plundered other people's lands to build the so called 'developed' world.

We can not forget Hitler's Third Reich and his 'vision' of a 'final solution' and how millions were tortured, mercilessly used in lab tests and exterminated to enforce that 'vision'; we can not forget Apartheid Southern Africa and how the Boers - colonized and cruelly segregated, enslaved and used a people; and usurped their abundant natural resources, including fertile farmlands and unique mineral resources. We can not forget Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the use of napalm bombs in South East Asia. And how do we justify the present huge stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons; and the thousands of nuclear war heads? Why are they needed?

'Fitna' is the way the World's resources are now being raped and wasted to serve the World's few while most live in want and need; 'fitna' is to know that food resources are being used to create gas while millions go starving around the World; 'fitna' is when the wealth of poorer nations are being drained fast, due to 'Globalization' while leaving most in these poor countries worse off and with little to live on; 'fitna' is when the World's ecosystem and environment are being rapidly destroyed due to greed and lust for power.

'Fitna' is when the World's only 'super power' uses its enormous might to invade another country and in the process create and cause anarchy and chaos. Geert Wilders could not have forgotten the misery and extreme suffering that the people of Iraq are now in and are going through; he couldn't have forgotten the terrified faces of the women and children of Iraq. But he chooses not to mention them.

'Fitna' is when a people are slowly but surely being strangled and starved. Strangled and starved, for no other reason rather than that - the Palestinians resisting an occupying force and for the Palestinians having democratically elected a government of their liking; a government that isn't favored by the powers that be. Geert Wilders chose to ignore the starvation and choking of Gaza and its people.

And 'fitna' is: when we still have people like Geert Wilders who choose to provoke and instigate; and who choose a path of confrontation. Rather than focus on Mankind's common goals and need for Peace and Coexistence.

Footnote: Any one can easily do what Geert Wilders (a Dutch politician) has done - with any of the World's great religions or ideologies. Be it Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or Budhism. Anyone could take bits of text from the Bible, the Torah or sacred books of the Hindus or the Buddhists; or a part of their history - to do something similar to them as what Geert has done with Islam; by taking very few verses from the Noble Qur'an and presenting a few bloody scenes and distorting these. Geert doesn't only distort verses from the Holly Qur'an, he doesn't know the right number of 'suras' in the sacred book which shows his lack of insight of the Great Book. This is confrontational and crossing a very dangerous line; and not freedom of speech or defending freedom of speech at all. As he, and some xenophobic people like him would like others to believe.

Anyway, after watching the shallow 15 minutes video clip - I can only say that Geert is a clown and a fool; a fool who doesn't understand Islam or any of the other Great religions at all. At the same time, many thought of Adolf Hitler as a clown and never took his preaching of hatred against a people and distorting facts about those people - seriously. Geert compares the Noble Qur'an to 'Mein Kampf' and yet, on the contrary, it's he and those with his kind of mentality - who can easily create a 'Fourth Reich' based on hatred and xenophobia. Islam would never create such.