20 November, 2007

Translate Your Website

It helps very much, when I find a site using a language that I don't know or understand and would like to read from that site - and it has a translation option. Won't it be nice to have such a tool on your site? There are several of such tools now, but very few that are really good.

There is the often used Babelfish's, which I find rather sloppy; it uses flags to represent languages which a visitor clicks on for a language. Widgetbox's translator, has a number of widgets to choose from, for translating; and, I believe all, as with most of Widgetbox's widgets, are as good as they say they are. Then there is Microsoft's widget; which seems to work only on Internet Explorer; note: Microsoft has the other Live Translator, which does not translate websites, but translates texts limited to 500 words or web pages - from English to other languages.

Best of all for translating websites, and the one I prefer and like most, is the flawless Google's translation widget - which works on most browsers and which is actually a Google gadget loaded in an iframe. Google plans to add more languages on this gadget, in the future. Note: there is the other Google's Translation Tool - which Google has had for quite some times, and translates phrases and texts in to several languages.

Care to give the translation widgets a try on your website? Go on, try one - preferably Google's - and make a difference for your international visitors.