03 September, 2007

Two Kinds Of Fire

Two kinds of fire. Both destructive and costly.

One has been controlled and reportedly - has been extinguished. Very hopefully, this is so. Who or what would have caused the fires in Greece? Fires, that have raged on, for almost two weeks now. If as reported, the fires were caused by arsonists, then only people with very sick, retarded minds could have done that. No sane person could have done that. And there is no way, those who have lost relatives or property can be properly compensated for. It is only by imagining being in the place of those affected, that one can truly realise how painful and sad many Greeks have been these last few days. And the pain, sadness and losses will go on for years, and will even affect generations to come. One can over come the death of a close one and the loss of property, but it will be very difficult to make up for the great loss of all those olive trees. Trees that took up to forty years to mature; and trees that were the livelihood of many in Greece.

And there is the other kind of fire: 'gas flaring'. Flaring or burning of gas is widely used to dispose of natural gas liberated during oil production and processing. And this continues in most oil producing countries, with no control or stopping in site. What a waste?

Gas flaring not only harms the environment by contributing to global warming but is a huge waste of a cleaner source of energy that could be used to generate much needed electricity in poor countries around the world.

Here too, in Hadhramout, gas flaring continues in all the oil fields around. If only, some how, the wasted gas could be channeled and used for producing much needed electricity. Electricity, which is in short supply to most here. And by using the wasted gas, our environment will be cleaner too.