30 July, 2007

Why I Prefer Blogger

Even with the recent problems I have had with my blog, I still prefer Blogger to the other blog publishing tools. With basic blogging skills and knowledge, one can easily create and manage a blog; and with basic HTML knowledge, it's easy to change many features of the blog. Blogger easily loads fast wherever there is Internet connection; and posting and publishing are simple and easy. While writing a post, Blogger continuously keeps saving, that, in case of Internet interruption for some reason, whatever has been posted, is preserved.

As with most Google Products, Blogger continues to improve old features and release, very useful new ones. Unlike its competitors, Google prefers to release new features of its products or new products: quietly and silently. Many times, I only notice new features on the many Google products I use, when using the product; and most of the added new features, are much superior than what Google competitors provide.

At times it's funny, how Google competitors make so much noise before releasing a new product. For instance: the kind of publicity that was given and built up for Microsoft's Window's Live products was so much, that - by the time the products were released, one after another, they fell short of what was expected of/from them. In fact, most aren't that good at all. Just try using Windows Live Spaces, and see how painful and time consuming 'Live' can be. As for Yahoo products, some are just a little better than 'Live's'; they too, like to trumpet and give extreme publicity before new features or products are released; case in point - before Yahoo mail released its web-based interface and started giving 'unlimited storage', much publicity were given and built up. And yet today, Gmail, undoubtedly, still remains to be the best free email service on the Web; better than even Yahoo Plus. Even if Microsoft and Yahoo merge, that won't help; unless they can be as creative and at the same time, user friendly as Google is.