21 July, 2007

If only in Iraq.......

As it is, Yemen is not taking part in the Asian Cup 2007; but I am, we are, over joyed with Iraq's continuing wins and amazing feat in the tournament. A few minutes ago, they beat - in style - the Vietnamese team; the poor Vietnamese were reduced to running around in circles by the very well organized Iraqis.

If only, back in Iraq: the politicians, the elders and the people of Iraq can have the same team and brotherly cooperation and relation - the joy, I feel, we feel, would be even much more. If the Iraqi soccer team can do it, can't the Iraqis too try to do the same? And share, give and take - in the same spirit that the Iraqi players have and are showing?

But then, there are so many 'ifs'; the biggest being - if only the United States of America did not commit one of the biggest blunders in its modern history, Iraq won't be the chaos, the anarchy and the madness that it is now. Which makes the Iraqi football team and its determination and conquests even more of a joy and gives much hope.

I, and many peace loving people around the World, do congratulate the Iraqi soccer team for qualifying for the semi finals of the Games. Iraqi's wins, is not only a celebration for soccer fans - but, the Iraqi football team has shown that Iraqis can work as a team and achieve, and move forward through a united, team spirit. For a change, there is some thing to celebrate about Iraq; there's some thing that lights up the heart about Iraq. And gives hope.