26 June, 2007

Some Sites Worth Visiting

There are some sites that I love visiting. Over and over. They are very informative, thought provoking and nurturing to the mind. Below are three of these very fine sites with some memorable excerpts from them:
  • Three wind turbine blades have been successfully installed on the Bahrain World Trade Center, a twin skyscraper complex. This is the first time that a commercial development has integrated large-scale wind turbines within its design to harness the power of the wind. The three massive turbines, measuring 29 meters in diameter, are supported by bridges spanning between the complex's two towers. Through its positioning and the unique aerodynamic design of the towers, the prevailing on-shore Gulf breeze is funneled into the path of the turbines, helping to create power generation efficiency. Once operational, the wind turbines will deliver approximately 11-15% of the energy needs of the building, or 1100 to 1300 megawatt-hours per year -- enough to provide light in 300 homes for over a year. From Trehugger

  • In Garissa, Kenya, camels carry goods between villages that can't be accessed with trucks. In most of those villages, 80% of people are illiterate. In order to address illiteracy while working within the limitations of the region, a small group of Kenyans started a mobile book-lending service that delivers books to 3,500 villagers and nomads around Garissa. On each visit they bring 200 books, lending each for a period of two weeks and then retrieving them to share with the next community. Camel Library targets children rather than catering to the few literate adults, says head librarian, Rashid Farah, "We believe that maybe in the next ten years, we will have a society which is educated, and the community which is now illiterate will [become] literate." From Worldchanging

  • You can reformat your existing Gmail address by inserting dots (periods) anywhere within your Gmail username. The Gmail Help pages explain: Because Gmail doesn't recognize dots as characters within usernames, adding or removing dots from a Gmail address won't change the actual destination address. Messages sent to yourusername@gmail.com and y.o.u.r.u.s.e.r.n.a.m.e@gmail.com are all delivered to your Inbox, and only yours. From Lifehacker
Visit these sites and read more. You will certainly find them interesting and, maybe, useful.