28 May, 2007

In Support Of Our: Morals, Values & System

I received the following comment for my last post In Support Of Internet Censorship. From 'Hans', as 'he' calls 'himself'. As is usual with such comments on my blog here - writers of such, have no sites of their own and have no 'profile' page. Why don't they simply comment 'anonymously'? They don't comment as 'anonymous' because they would like their comments to have some 'weight'; hence they appear as 'Hans' or whatever - and they never give their identity or profile. The motive for that is: to attack. To attack my culture and society. I quote: 'They attack that with the ball'. 'Hans' - do you know who said that? One of my heroes.

First - your comment. Then, my reply:

"Hans said...

Flowers are the organs of reproduction of the plant. So flowers are sexual genital organs, male and female. People put their noses in those organs, in public! Smell it with delight. It should be prohibited!!! ;-)

Fortunately we in the West can see the nude Yemini ladies, they are very beautiful, I can assure you;-D We have our pleasure with them (pictures only), yet grow up to mature, well balanced fathers/leaders, with stable families.Perhaps more stable than most families in Yemen. I read your post about that relative who was courting your wife, while you weren't around, and she was, due to the local customs, unable to react suitable for the situation. I feel very sorry for your wife (and you) that you both had to endure that terrible and bitter shock. Same as you, our men will not divorce their wifes when such things happen. I admire you for that.

Are you sure your government only censors sex, and nothing else? Something they don't want you to know? Perhaps they even invent stories to convince you with their weird ideas? You will never have the chance to check. That is why you don't know that your president is a dictator, and though you have elections every now and then, opponents are arrested. Yemeni journalists who write about that kind of fraud and corruption are put in jail. Perhaps even in the Mukalla jail, so you can visit them and ask them. You will never know what is blocked, what is the truth or what is a lie. Sleep well.

When I was in the Arab world I got sick of all men talking constantly about sex. I live in the west but nobody here has such an obession with sex as the Arab men have, also in Yemen. Sex, sex, sex. Sex is next to religion the main topic with all bloggers in the Arab world, also gay and lesbian sex. Bloggers that I can read, but you can't because your government blocks them. Your government doesn't want you to know that sex is the main topic among the Arab men and women alike, youngster and grown-up people as well. As I said, sleep well, your government is singing a lullaby for you, be obedient, so that they can have a good laugh at you, while you snore."


I too love flowers. Very much love them. And as any normal man, I find the sight and presence of a woman - most attractive and the most enchanting. More so, my wife's. But, pornography is not, only, all, how I described it in my last post - pornography is a debasement of Mankind, and the human female gender, most. And a great insult. An insult to women in particular. As it's women who are mainly used in them. Used in the most despicable of ways. Your kind of 'liberty' which you would like us to emulate, might give you 'pleasure' and make you grow up 'mature' - but: thank you. We don't need those kinds of 'liberty'. The kind that would mean us viewing and accepting such insults on women; and even children. And beasts. Yes: pedophilia and bestiality, is what you would suggest to us, next, to accept and allow, too. As for homosexuality, I did write about that in more detail here. You would like us to accept your values and system; you want to impose them on us. But, well, we have ours and are very proud and very happy of/with them.

Next, you would even go further: suggesting we build up our urban societies in imitation to yours; and have the kind of 'liberty' and 'maturity' that - let's say - a place like Amsterdam has. Amsterdam is a very beautiful city, and we would be most willing and glad to imitate its architecture, water canals and fine infrastructure - but not, never, its kind of 'liberty'. That 'liberty' and 'maturity' of free drug usage and the displaying of doped, naked females, for sale, on windows; and live sex shows - even between humans and animals. Keep that 'liberty' and 'maturity' to yourselves. Speaking of 'liberty' - no country has absolute liberty or freedom of speech; each country has its own laws and regulations. Wherever you are, I know, it would be unlawful to say or do certain things. It may be lawful for you to have same sex relationships and even same sex 'marriage', but not for me; while - I can have more than one wife, up to four, you can not. Who is right? Which law is right? The 'rights' and the 'wrongs' are all subjective and depend on how one is brought up and where one is.

You 'live in the west' where, as you say - sex is not an obsession. Men are obsessed with sex, wherever they are - whether in Patagonia or Estonia; isn't that what Sigmund Freud, Masters & Johnson and your own many other 'sex experts' concluded? Who doesn't have control over this 'obsession' - you or us? With all the 'liberty' you have, you still have 'pleasure' in feasting on pictures of naked women. And by 'Arab world' - that could be any where: Tangier, Cairo, Sana'a, Mukalla, Khartoum, Nouakchott, Dubai or Beirut. Try Google Trends; it would help you in knowing what we in Mukalla or Hadhramout or Yemen - such for. We men here, too, are obsessed with sex; but our culture, belief and most of all: Islam - shapes us, guides and steers us; and gives us self and mind control.

I have chances many times 'to check'. I do travel regularly and do get the chance of using uncensored Internet; I know, what it is. And I know, I or any other Yemeni isn't missing any thing worthwhile. At all. With the Internet service we have here right now, even if I live a million life times - I can not and would not complete reading or absorbing even a fraction of what I want to. It is that vast. And we may have leaders who are 'dictators', 'autocrats' or however you may describe them; but, we don't go around trying to forcefully impose our morals, values and systems on others. And isn't it your 'enlightened' leaderships and systems that have given us - the World, in the last hundred years: two bloody world wars, Vietnam, Iraq, Global Warming and many more ravages?

Lastly: 'Hans', it would be much better if you can have your own sight where we, too, can read your views and thoughts. I again say - I and many of us here do understand and know your culture, morals, values and systems; of which I have the highest regards for some. But as I said here and in many of my previous posts: why do you want to impose your values, morals and system on us and the rest of the world? Why does the West not try too, to know and understand us and our ways? Why can't they too, learn our languages? And try to know and understand our religion: Islam and how that shapes us?