28 May, 2007

In Support Of Internet Censorship

In a recent study, Yemen was mentioned as one of the countries to have the most extensive censorship filters for the Internet. I do wholeheartedly support this; as would most of my fellow adult Yemenis. What Yemen censors most, are the very many sites that have no positive purpose except to corrupt and spoil; with this, I have the very many explicit pornographic Internet sites in mind.

Imagine living in a country as conservative and as religious as Yemen. Where almost all women seen publicly or even at homes, are covered completely from head to feet; imagine, what it would be like for a young man to have a 'window' to see women of all forms and of all kinds and colors, naked and sexually explicit? What would that young man do? Certainly, normally and naturally: the young man would use that window, as a means to see, view and indulge in - what he would not easily be able to, otherwise. He would use it over and over.

Human mind and human nature are mainly driven by two things: food and sex. These are the forces that drive most of our actions. Men's in particular. And whenever denied, Man can go to extremes to feed these forces. For the millions of well fed Yemeni young men, one can imagine what would happen if they are given free access to fulfill their other main appetite. Hence, Internet censorship is very much necessary and needed.

Is the censorship effective? Overall, yes. But, some young men have the know how to overcome the censorship and do access pornographic sites; and, some of these sites are set such that the censorship do not identify them and they get through. In the many Internet cafes in Yemeni urban areas, it is the young who mostly frequent. Young men. As it is cheap, the Internet is now being widely used all across Yemen; many homes have Internet connections and many more would soon have the connection. At homes, it is the young too, who mostly use it; both young men and women.

For a few of these young, those who are keen and smart, they do use the enormous and vast resources offered by the Internet - positively. To learn, expand and enlarge their knowledge. To benefit. But for most, young men in particular, the Internet is a deviation and a pastime. Where most spend time 'chatting' with friends, or listening to music, or reading some silly articles. And for many, the Internet is a window for them to see what is denied them. It is a window for them to see and watch, privately, half naked or naked women; or sexually explicit pictures or videos. Should these sites be readily accessible, there is no doubt that more and more young men, if not most - would seek these sites to fulfill there urge; would that 'fulfilling the urge' be wrong? Pornography, in any form is: totally wrong, degrading and demoralizing. 'Human Rights' aside; I, as any sensible and responsible Yemeni adult and especially - parent would, do wholly support the censorship; the more strict, the better.