30 May, 2007


I read this informative article on how Hadramout is making 'leaps and bounds toward ushering in Information Technology.' I would like to share it here:

"Saeed Al-Batati For Yemen Times

Like other Yemeni governorates, the vast Hadramout has roads, health facilities, schools and other infrastructure. However, when it comes to information and communication technology, Hadramout is unrivaled, as the governorate recently jumped leaps and bounds toward ushering in Information Technology.

Approximately 96 web sites have been launched, which are expected to herald new interchange within the governorate and turn the largest-territory governorate into a small village, as every province and government office in Hadramout now has its own web site.

For example, Thamoud is an outlying area located approximately 500 km. from Mukalla. To reach it, one must take the pains of traveling a long road and spending thousands of riyals. But now, by just visiting www.thamoud.info, all of the information about the city is accessible in one click.

Many inquisitive individuals are interested in learning more about the magical island of Socotra but are disinclined to travel from Europe to Yemen. Now, www.hadibo.info can quench their thirst.

The colossal project wasn’t born in the blink of an eye; rather, it was on the shoulders of many parties who stood together to make the governorate a leader in e-government." Read more......

Photo: Hadhramout Governarate Website