22 April, 2007

Celebarate Earth Day

Is there much to celebrate on this day? But then, do I, do we - have options? Earth is the only place; the only Planet, we and most living creatures we know - can live in. With all the explorations that have been done, to date, we know of only Earth as habitable. Only Earth can be our home. As such, without other options; without any where else that we can move to in case the mess we have made here and continue to make, makes this Planet inhabitable - WE have to do all that we can and take care of HOME. Earth! We have to take care of it.

True: of all living things, we have been the most irresponsible, uncaring and destructive to/of Earth and all that is on it and inhabits it; there are more displaced people now than there ever have been; more people than ever, have no access to clean water, food or shelter; millions live in hunger and poverty; human trafficking, child labor and abuse and many forms of 'slavery' - still exist on a large scale. Man's inhumanity to Man and other creatures - both animals and plants, still make millions of life forms to suffer, live in misery and perish. All this is true. Does this call for celebration?

We either celebrate and each and every one of us does the best in making Earth a much better place to live in. Or perish. Or become extinct. If in this century, could be - close to 30% of life forms will become extinct, what happens to us, Mankind, in five centuries? Scientists are already Offering Frightening Forecast for the future. Not only will many living things become extinct, many islands - some, like the Maldives, states - will disppear under water; and so will many cities and urban areas. A part of Mukalla will sink, too, if the sea rises as much as they say it would. Our planet's prospects for environmental stability are bleaker than ever - today, than it has ever been before.

To celebrate means: not only being kind, caring, considerate and responsible to the environment and our habitat. To celebrate means, too: being kind, caring and considerate to all other living things. And most of all, it means being kind, caring, helpful and considerate of our spouses, our families, children, the elderly, the weak, the needy, neighbors, our work mates and all whom we meet in our daily lives. Irrespective of: race, religion, belief, gender or nationality. We all share the same home. Earth!