25 March, 2007

Bollywood's Best

Most people here in Hadhramout, prefer Indian films. Normally, movies coming out of 'Bollywood' are: shallow and repetitive in plot, and with nothing much to offer for the intellect. They can be very boring. But there are a few exceptional films, very much worth watching. Lagaan was good. Very good. Then there was, last year: Rang De Basanti. An excellent one. Both these films have won many awards in India and worldwide. Both, star the one and only: Aamir Khan. Both were India's entries for the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. They didn't win. But after watching them, they are unforgettable. And any one who loves good, well made movies, will.
And there is Water. "What do you say about a film that hits you hard where it hurts the most, so hard that it takes your breath away. "Water" belongs to that rare category of films that have the power to redefine the parameters of cinema, to realign the function and purpose of the medium, and to restructure the way we, the audience, look at the motion picture experience."