27 February, 2007

Can We Be The Leading Light Again?

It's not surprising that the present leading powers don't want to see Islam rise again. They know that for hundreds of years Islam was the shining Light. That Light shined much longer than any other had, ever in history. Reading this, I wondered - can we do it again?
  • In the beauty and geometric complexity of tile mosaics on walls of medieval Islamic buildings, scientists have recognized patterns suggesting that the designers had made a conceptual breakthrough in mathematics beginning as early as the 13th century.
  • A new study shows that the Islamic pattern-making process, far more intricate than the laying of one's bathroom floor, appears to have involved an advanced math of quasi crystals, which was not understood by modern scientists until three decades ago.
  • The findings, reported in the current issue of the journal Science, are a reminder of the sophistication of art, architecture and science long ago in the Islamic culture. They also challenge the assumption that the designers somehow created these elaborate patterns with only a ruler and a compass. Instead, experts say, they may have had other tools and concepts.
The East is now rising; China, another great historical entity is shining and rising; and so is India. The Middle East has, for centuries, shaped and directed the thinking of many. The Middle East, much longer and much more than any other region, has been the focus of past and present world powers. It can and will rise and be a leading beacon and Light once again. And that Light will be guided and shaped by Islam. The Islam that once was.