25 September, 2006

A World Of Gadgets

As if the T.V, the Phone and the Computer are not enough! Enough distraction. We crave for gadgets. The newer the model and the more 'sophisticated' it looks, the better.

ALON Contact Guide for UIQ 2.11
Alon Software
A World Of Gadgets "Summary: An advanced contact manager which provides the fastest way to search the required contact in your contact list." Just one of the latest gadgets; and there are thousands more of such.
Do they make us happier? I very much doubt. They can never give the kind of happiness, peace and independence - that being close to nature gives: the sea, wildlife, deserts - give much more for the spirit. Just gazing at the moon and stars, fills one with much more fulfillment spiritually, than any gadget can give. Gadgets maybe helpful, but we are becoming too dependent and reliant on them!