01 September, 2006


After a long time, months, I notice I am back as one of toot's handpicked bloggers; selected for the day, or is it the month? Thanks to Google Analytics, I can easily know my blog's visitors and traffic. This afternoon when checking my Analytics report - toot was tops. I say: shukran to the toot team!

After using Analytics for months, I came to realise that: Americans are the most visitors to my site followed by Europeans, and - sadly - Arabs are the least visitors. It's sad that, this too, reflects our whole Internet usage and traffic in the region; internationally, the Middle East ranks lowest in Internet penetration and usage. Together with Africa. Thankfully, Internet usage is growing fastest here. In the Middle East.

And thanks to people like those at toot, the Arab voice can be widely heard, and more too. And, hopefully too, Arabs will be encouraged not only to read and listen to each other's voices, but to listen to others - out there, far and beyond - too. Planet Earth might seem very large, filled with differing people from different regions. We might not share ethnicity, race, culture, or religion; but at the end of the day - WE are all the same. At the end of the day - WE have no other place to live in except this ONE planet. Whether we like it or not, we have to share it. Sharing means - listening to each other and trying to understand each other; and what other way or means do we have now of: 'listening', being 'heard' and communicating, better than through the Internet?