29 September, 2006

How Does Your Website Score?

Want to test your website and see how well designed, popular and accessible it is? Try Silktide, for a most comprehensive report. You might be surprised by the result, just as I was. I tested my two main sites, believing that - this one, Out Of Hadhramout, would fare much better than my older blog: Safari Notes. It wasn't so; the latter fared much better than this site! So well that it qualified for the exclusive Sitescore button, awarded to only sites with high scores.

You can also check your page rank here or here; and go even further, and find out how much your blog is worth, presumably, in dollar terms - here. The same site might fare well in one test and do poorly in another; that's what I realised. I had fun doing the tests for my sites; try - you too, might.