18 July, 2006

War and Peace

The Tsunami has hit again. It hits my feelings too. And very sadly and frustratingly: Indonesia received warnings from two regional agencies that the powerful undersea earthquake had the potential to trigger a tsunami, but it did not try to pass them on to threatened communities!

But it is the turmoil not far away from me, here, that has occupied most of my thoughts and feelings - for the last few days; aside from my own family matters. As the carnage continues in Iraq. And the death toll rises and the hardship continues in Lebanon. And as some believe that 'the recent violence is a symptom of an international conspiracy under way' . I can't help wondering; I keep wondering: why, was the state of Israel created right where it is, in the first place?

There is no doubt that - right from the beginning, from its creation -Israel had no peace and has since continued to have no peace; a situation that was most likely thought of and pondered on, during Israel's creation! Could it be that the European powers, mainly the British - didn't wish peace for the Jews? Or could it be that, they just wished and even conspired to have the Middle East always at war!

Many would say: if Israel wasn't created, where would the Jews have gone to? But, what is/was the sense of creating it where it is now and have no peace at all for them and those around them? And there's no way, ever, one can visualize peace for Israel in relation to some - if not most, of its neighbors.

Should an all out war break up and widen - one can only contemplate at what could happen. With the kind of arms and arsenals around - it could turn into a nightmare. More bloody and horrific than any, seen before. With Israel recklessly pushing matters to the limit, that scenario is very much possible.

Could it be that's what America wants? While, most of the major world powers and bodies have blamed Israel and its 'disproportionate' use of force and power - the United States, instead - is not only supporting Israel but encouraging it.

Only time will tell where all this will lead to. If to - an all out war; then: God help the Middle East! Hopefully, though unimaginably, to: PEACE!