09 May, 2006

How Wise Is Man?

The carnage continues in Iraq. The madness in Palestine doesn't seem to stop. Darfur is no where closer to peace. The sparring with Iran continues. While Israel continues to keep its nuclear arsenal! And oil seems to be the deciding factor in most or all of these. Ever thought of what would happen should oil ever stop flowing?

Iraq! Palestine! Iran! Israel! And Oil! Does a day ever pass without these dominating world headlines? But there are more other pressing issues too. Issues that need our concern and attention just as much.

Drought continues to hit millions, hard. Millions of people around the world go without enough food or fresh water. Child labor and poverty are on the increase. Human trafficking continues to create suffering for millions. HIV/AIDS and malaria continue to claim millions of lives. The effects of the last Tsunami have yet to be fully addressed. And glaciers continue to melt.

For the last few days, two issues have dominated my thoughts and attention most: the rapid destruction of the rain-forests in Borneo and the fate of the Bonobos in the Congo. I can't help but wonder: is Mankind really the greatest and wisest being on Earth?