12 May, 2006

Hadhramout Leads!

With more traffic per-capita on the road, than any other province in Yemen - Hadhramaut, the largest province here, still leads in having the least traffic accidents in the country! It is also notable, that: most of the traffic accidents in Hadhramout, in the last one year, were caused by drivers from other Yemeni provinces.

I can also add too, that: Hadhramout, apart from having the safest roads in the country - is safe in many other ways. It has very little crime, if any; violent crime - the most rare; the carrying of weapons, as common as it is in other provinces of Yemen, is also very rare in Hadhramout. The largest urban centers in Hadhramout: Mukalla, Seiyoun, Al Qatn, Tarim and Shibam - are very safe at any time of the day or night.

One can only hope that other parts of the country emulate Hadhramout. For a civil, safer and secure society. A Yemen that we all hope for and wish for.