03 April, 2006

Rain and Songs

It has rained! At long last. After such a long time. It very rarely rains in Mukalla; having spent most of my childhood and life in places with lots of rain - I love rain. How can I forget the lakes, the rivers and green plains of Northern Uganda. And the highlands of Kenya. And it was always raining and raining. When it rains, Mukalla becomes ugly; without a proper drainage system and the earth not porous enough to absorb water - Mukalla can easily get flooded when it rains. It rained very little this morning, but it is already wet outside. Still, I love it. Rain. I might have to stay in doors this morning, and spend some quiet time with the family and the cats; and read and listen to songs. I love songs too. African, Indian and Western; and songs of Abubakar Salim Bilfageeh !

Getting old now, Abuabakar Salim has always been the most favorite and most loved singer in Hadhramaut. With his very remarkable sweet voice, he is very popular in other parts of the Middle East too; Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries in particular. Even while growing up in East Africa, I knew Abuabakar Salim and who he was. Just as all the other children from Hadhrami families did. And that was way back in the sixties. And still Abubakar Salim reigns. Just as it might rain again.