23 March, 2006

Our Sameness

The Holocaust was a fact!

And so was the enslavement, and in the process millions suffering and dying, of Africans!

And so was the almost complete extermination of the Indians in the Americas; and the Aborigines in Tasmania and Australia!

And so is the suffering and pain of millions of Palestinians!

But for any individual or group or nation to use any such reasons and call for the hatred or destruction of another - is completely wrong and unacceptable!

It is such thinking that has caused and continues to cause millions to suffer and/or perish.

No individual or group or nation is superior to another. The only 'superior' individual or group or nation is one that is enlightened and realizes that all Mankind is ONE and the same with the same destiny.

And the moment we start picking on our differences - it becomes an endless process; even in a family, if one chooses - one can find differences.

It is OUR sameness that we should focus on and look at; not our differences!

It is not only Mankind's sharing this ONLY one tiny Earth (inspite of all the explorations and research - no other habitable place has been found) - it is not only that; there are many other very striking features that show, and point to, the SAMENESS and ONENESS of Mankind. But due to short sighted pride or ignorance or manipulation, many don't want to accept that.

When blood is transfused or an internal organ is transplanted from one human to another, it is done so from one to another irrespective of: race, ethnicity, religion, belief, color or gender. Very recently, our SAMENESS has been proved scientifically beyond any reasonable doubt: ALL Mankind share a strikingly similar DNA! My DNA is almost exactly the same as every ones DNA on this planet!

Wether it is through Adam and Eve or Evolution - it is agreed that the present species of Mankind is same. It is very sad that we don't want to see or accept our sameness; as long as we can not accept that - Mankind will continue to suffer.

Peace can never be achieved if one group of people wants to dominate or/and subjugate another; be it - politically or economically. There should be a fair distribution of wealth among nations and individuals and there shouldn't be one group that wants to force its political or economic will on another or others.