02 March, 2006

The Dubai Deal

For : the American Congress, the Republicans and the American public to be concerned about the Dubai Ports World deal - is understandable; for them to take a closer look at the deal, is understandable. But for them to reject the deal outright - is nothing more than: racism, discrimination and xenophobia at its worse. Same as the rejection by the French, of Mital Steel taking over Arcelor.

All the dubious and shallow reasons given for rejecting the deal are nothing else, but a part of the increasing and rising dislike and, at times, hatred of Islam, Muslims and Arabs. Before, it was individuals who were targeted in America; but now, it is businesses too. Dubai Ports is recognized for: quality, service and customer satisfaction - and its is these that it would be taking to America, not 'terrorism'. And afterall - maintaining the security of the six American ports will be in the hands of Americans; it is Americans who would be in charge of that.

The American public seem to be ignorant too, about Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates in general; though Congress and the Republicans seem only to be against the deal for some political reasons. It seems Americans are forgetting or overlooking the enormous amount of money their corporations and companies are making out of the U.A.E and the Gulf countries. They forget too, that the Gulf countries are not only the most strategically important economic allies, but military ones too, that Americans have in the region.

And one may ask: has any American ever been harmed in any way in the U.A.E? Don't Americans realize that Dubai Ports will be more concerned and focused on security than another company, due to it being from an Arab country?

America continuously preaches for: freedom, free trade and liberalizing International trade - and here they are trying to thwart this deal! Whether the deal goes through or not, there is a side of America that is becoming more and more clearer. A side that cause many of us who had great liking and admiration for America, to wonder.