25 February, 2006

Islam as they see it

Of late, I have read an increasing number of articles from the West that creates a negative impression of Islam and us Muslims: from - the reason why it took months to react to the Prophets cartoons to why the Dubai Ports Authority should not be allowed to manage American ports. Some of what I have read on these two issues, are very disturbing indeed. It is as if all Muslims are radical and dangerous; and can never be trusted. It is as if there is an undeclared war going on now! Just a few of such articles:

From - theconservativevoice.com:

"Everyone is familiar with the military branch of Islam. There are the more infamous groups such as al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah and some lesser known branches like the Islamic Martyr’s Brigade. Consider those groups the Islamic army and marines. Islam has a very robust recruiting operation that promises what no money can buy: 72 virgins and endless paradise awaits all martyrs. Of course, there is no real verification that this “Islam Wants You!” slogan is actual fact, but that doesn’t seem to deter young men from signing on the dotted line.

With Hamas now in charge of the Israeli problem, the powers-that-be within Islam have been able to turn their attention to the world at large."

From - the MichNews.com

"Again: Clinton said "most people in the United States deeply respect Islam. . .and most people in Europe do." Pray tell, from what poll did Clinton get his figures? Moreover, in making such an imbecilic statement he furthered the killing cult status with such praise. He also fed the press an untruth. In addition, he showed his blatant ignorance in the face of Americans and Europeans who know the facts about Islam, considering it demonic. There is no wide sweeping "respect" for Islam in North America and Europe. None."

Radical negative attitude from both sides can only lead to more mis-understanding and mis-trust. Whatever might be said, in the end - WE are ONE and the same. Sharing only ONE planet. We have to learn and agree to live in Peace!

This is from a blog that I read this morning; and it is the way it should be; We should be.

"The simple truth is that we have it within our power to heal the world, by healing the wounds within ourselves. We are all one, and when we stop wounding, we begin to heal. There is no other choice."