23 January, 2006

Hadhramaut: Prologue

"The best weapon and the best shield is the power of Words and the Pen" ~ My Late Father

I love Hadhramout! The people; palms and dates; goats and camels; mountains and valleys; sun and sand; fish and dolphins; the sea and the sky; all part of Hadhramout. Hadhramout is my refuge and home. And here in Hadhramout, I: dream, ponder and contemplate of -

Hadhramout, Life, Being and the world at large.

Here follows, words, in writing, my: thoughts, views, observations and reflections from moment to moment. I will write whatever comes to mind at that moment. And whenever. For how long I will write or can continue writing I do not know; but I will write for as long as I can. Time.