02 September, 2013

Have we turned Planet Earth in to a lunatic asylum?

I have many times wondered, that - suppose I am marooned on an island like Robinson Crusoe, what living creature would I be most terrified of sharing that island with? My fear has always been of the same three creatures: disease carrying mosquitoes, rats and most of all - man. Should I ever be marooned on an island, I would be very afraid of these three. Mosquitoes, as tiny as they are - if carrying malaria or dengue fever - are deadly in a very punishing way; and so are rats - after man, these rodents are truly scary - they think, plot, invade and destructively attack; as for mankind, we are what we are - the most senselessly destructive creature on Earth to our own kind, to all other living things and to the environment.

Before man landed on the moon, George Bernard Shaw was once asked if he thought there was life and humans on the Moon; his answer was: “I don't know if there are men on the moon, but if there are they must be using the earth as their lunatic asylum”. Very few people, including geniuses, can be as insightful on mankind and how we are, as this greatest English playwright of all time: G.B. Shaw. And the greatest scientist of all time: Albert Einstein, stated - “Earth is the insane asylum of the universe”. How right they were - Planet Earth is indeed one massive lunatic asylum. Most of us, seem to be in one way or another - mentally retarded. Otherwise - why should we be so destructive in very narrow minded and short sighted ways?

Few of us are caring and considerate to our spouses or parents or siblings or neighbors. Most of us are wastefully using the Earth's resources in very ruinous ways: wasting water, wasting food, wasting energy and polluting the environment; we are relentlessly cutting down trees and deforesting large chunks of our Planet so fast that we have driven many species to extinction and may soon exterminate ourselves. What other creature here on Earth can enslave or traffic its own kind, including minors? What other creature would be entertained by watching pornography, including that of minors?

Each and every day, we kill each other; mercilessly slaughter each other. Who can forget the recent savage, ferocious and brutal First and Second World Wars? Or Vietnam? Or the Bosnian and Rwandan Genocides? Or what is happening in Syria today? Which other creature here on Earth can be as savagely merciless as: Hitler or Stalin or Pol Pot or Joesph Kony?

Only Mankind. That's why to be marooned on an island and then knowing that there is another human or other humans on that island would be very unsettling for me. We, Mankind here on Earth, as much as I won't like to think so - are, indeed, mentally unstable and underdeveloped.

+ Images: Google