13 September, 2013

Hadhramout's Wonderful Sunsets 3

Hadhramout Sunset
It normally takes only a few minutes for the sun to set. In those few minutes, as the sun sets, one of the most awesome natural wonders takes place as the sun rapidly changes its hues; and the colors of the sky and clouds, especially those nearest to it. It doesn't matter where one is watching the sunset, but some settings create much more spectacular settings than others. How clear the sky is and the clouds present during a particular sunset, also provide an addition to the spectacle.

Hadhramaut Sunset
Wherever the sun sets across the world, each sunset view is different from another. Every day, the view is different. They might look similar, but each sunset view is different from another. None is similar to another. Truly incredible.
Hadhramout Sunset

It is God's way, of reminding us, each day, of His incredible, supreme creativity and power. Who else can create such incredibly spectacular, wonderful pieces of art, repeatedly, every evening, every day, and each unique and different from any other?